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Danièle Ingleton

Lean Coach, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt (LSMBB)

The Ingleton Group Inc.

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The Ingleton Group Inc. is a trusted management consultancy committed to helping teams get better by fostering cultures of continuous improvement.

Our team consists of highly seasoned coaches with over 20 years of experience across industries supporting:

  • Multi-year lean deployments

  • Lean program development

  • Lean training

  • Project coaching

  • Control rooms/ huddles/ obeyas

  • Value stream analyses

  • Kaizens

  • Change agent development.

Together, we achieve this by deepening teams’ capabilities in:

  • Understanding processes and opportunities at the source

  • Systematic problem solving

  • Driving priority objectives by making good decisions without delay

  • Breaking down barriers with key stakeholder partners to tackle complex key risks and issues

  • Demonstrating tangible business results

  • Adopting lean leadership behaviours, strengthening leaders role as coaches


© 2023 The Ingleton Group Inc.  All rights reserved.

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